Here’s A Note To All Unrealistic Weekend Plans

Here’s A Note To All Unrealistic Weekend Plans

Hey you,

It’s the weekend again, which means you’re back and we’re gonna have a small talk in the morning. I’ll decide that I’m gonna accomplish you this time; that I won’t just oversleep but instead catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in an eternity, explore that new restaurant, finish some personal work I don’t get time for during the week and probably land on the moon.

But as I enjoy my lunch in peace, which through the week is a luxury, I begin to feel my eyelids shut and at one point I’m drowsy even. The commute from the living room to the bedroom seems longer than Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

Here’s A Note To All Unrealistic Weekend Plans
Sounds right

As I finally make way to the bed that looks inviting, not because my partner can’t wait to cuddle me, but because the linen sheets look like wrapped on the mattress to accommodate me in a nap. Before I know it, I’m asleep to wake up at dusk, feeling lost like a protagonist out of comma in a hyper-dramatic film. I find the courage to step out of the cosy bed to realise that it’s 7 pm and most of the day is already over but I’ll save the weekend by going out for a drink with a friend until I start questioning whether I really want to meet that friend.

Time passes by and I find myself watching one episode of 13 Reasons Why and before I know, things have escalated to binge-watching until I find myself depressed at the end of the series and I probably need to curl in a blanket with a tub of ice-cream to combat this blue state of mind.

It’s late, but my eyes aren’t yet tired after the series marathon so I order a pizza and watch my favourite movie for the 100th time. Sorry, what was this post about? 😛

P.S: Dear unrealistic weekend plans, you and I are never meeting. I’m too lazy, drained off from the week to do any more than binge-watch, eat and sleep. Here’s to future unrealistic weekend plans, until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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