Foam Home Allows You A Better Than Hotel Stay Experience

Foam Home Allows You A Better Than Hotel Stay Experience

You know they say when someone’s been doing a job for a long time, they know their A’s from their O’s? If you’re looking for the source of this food-for-thought statement, don’t bother yourself, because I just made it up so you get the point 😛

Before you dig me a grave, let me tell you what this is about. The bygone Sunday, I visited the Foam Home showroom in Mumbai to learn more about mattresses than I ever did in the 22 years of my existence and more so I discovered some awesome sauce things you should know. But before I dive into it, for the uninitiated let me tell you a little about Foam Home.


With a legacy of over 40 years (That’s longer than the internet in India has been around), Foam Home has manufactured some of the most luxury mattresses in India, offering the world, comfortably cosy experiences through their patented technology.

 Foam Home Allows You A Better Than Hotel Stay Experience
Foam Home has been in the business for over 40 years!

When travelling, we’re all in serious relationships with our hotel beds, so I had to ask the curious question, what makes hotel beds so cosy and comfortably inviting? The visit helped me understand that hotel beds are nothing but made out of spring mattresses that are bouncy, seemingly fun and games till damage begins and takes a toll on your sleep.

What about our regular mattresses, why do they burn more bridges than they build? Here’s your answer; against the flat beds, our bodies are diversely structured to be supported differently on the heavier and lighter muscles respectively. This fact is often missed by most mattress manufacturers, thereby resulting in a backache, cranky morning and don’t even get me started on the eventual sleepy days v/s busy lives problem 101.

And if experience is to swear by, Foam Home is pioneering the change in Indian mattress industry by introducing us humans to the Ergoshell technology which with its unique design addresses every issue in traditional mattresses and makes room for a much more comfortable and supportive sleep system.

 Foam Home Allows You A Better Than Hotel Stay Experience
This explains better, right?

Their blend of science and system has resulted in this technology which will be showcased to the world at the Interzum 2017 show in Cologne, Germany among 1500 participants from all over the world, before 60,000 people. Through Foam Home, India has now given the world a mattress technology, how cool is that?

Given how intriguing and innovative Foam Home has been in this industry,I thought I’ll take you through my tête-à-tête with the woman running the show, Sabina Bhanpurawala, CEO, Foam Home.

Speaking about the Foam Home line of mattresses using technology, Sabina said, “Every mattress needs to do two things, it has to be comfortable and supportive. What normally happens in the process of designing orthopedic mattress is that we end up making it really stiff,   we’re going high on the support function but we tend to go almost zero on the comfort portion. On the Ergoshell mattress, the whole idea is to give you an orthopedic mattress which is luxurious, it’s a  combination, difficult to achieve but with the help of mattress shell, we can individually provide support and with the comfort layer, we can even make it very plush.”

 Foam Home Allows You A Better Than Hotel Stay Experience
Here’s another illustration to understand

Given that Foam Home has been in the business for about 40 years, I asked Sabina to throw light on the change in trends in this timeline in India. “There’s a big growing market for those who are well-travelled and aware, especially due to the internet, a lot of information is now available on the consumers’ end. If the demand and supply cycle is spoken of, the demand went up first, because of which a lot of international brands have started coming in the Indian market but they’re bringing the exact same product that is sold in the international market, whereas the Indian preference for mattresses is peculiar and that’s where we come in, we use the best technology to fit the Indian requirement for mattresses.”

Didn’t that chat give you an insight about how much really goes into making a mattress for a comfortable good night’s sleep? The next time you’re looking to invest in a mattress worth your sweet dreams, check out Foam Home here.

P.S:  What are your mattress experiences that turned your good night into a nightmare? Let me know in the comments section below. As I wait to hear from you, until next time, #StayCurious 🙂   



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