Explore Goa Beyond Beaches- Go On A Crocodile Boat Trip

Explore Goa Beyond Beaches- Go On A Crocodile Boat Trip

The mere mention of Goa tourism immediately conjures up images of parties and beaches. However, if you dig deeper, you will find that there is so much more to Goa than the serene beaches and crazy party scenes. Although it is the smallest state in India, Goa tourism has so much to offer. One of the most unique things to do in Goa is a crocodile boat trip. If you’re planning a trip to Goa, you should experience this. The crocodile boat trip in Goa should be on the top of your to-do list when visiting Goa.

Explore Goa Beyond Beaches- Go On A Crocodile Boat Trip
Must-do when in Goa

There is a small population of crocodiles which dwell in the mangroves of Cumbarjua Canals, and the Goa tourism department ensures tourists get to experience the best of Goa. It is an exciting opportunity for you to catch a glimpse of these predators while enjoying a boat ride in Goa.

There are local tour operators who organise crocodile tours in Goa. The boat can carry about 40 people from Old Goa. While on the boat, the guide will explain and point out the different attractions as you move along. In order to get on the boat, you will need to reach Old Goa. The boat trip in Goa costs INR 1200 per person and also includes food and beverages. This boat ride will also take you through other tourist destinations you can explore later, such as the marshland of Chorao island.

There is another operator in Goa who has a 12 seater boat, and the trip costs INR 1000 per person. It starts from the Ferry Wharf in Cortalim. You will be able to see crocodiles in the inlets that branch off on the banks of the main canal in Goa. On a typical boat trip in Goa, you will be able to see three to four crocodiles and several birds like storks, kites, kingfishers etc. The boat ride is enjoyable and very relaxing. The crocodiles in Goa are marsh muggers and are adapted to the saltwater habitat. It is one of the things you must see in Goa. These crocodile tours are highly promoted by Goa tourism, and they encourage every tourist to experience the boat ride when in Goa.

Explore Goa Beyond Beaches- Go On A Crocodile Boat Trip
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