Discovery Travel On Your Mind? Holiday Differently With Sterling

Discovery Travel On Your Mind? Holiday Differently With Sterling

Gone are the days when travel was an annual affair built on fixed itineraries and limited to-dos, a contemporary traveler now wants to explore more than what meets the eye and more frequently than before. If you’ve been keeping up with our staycation experiences, you know that we’ve grown fond of and adapted the practice of MeriggiareAn Italian term for escaping the scorching heat of the day and resting under the shade.

In today’s time, a travel experience is one’s version of Meriggiare (Only it’s both, rest and explore.) This rise in travel getaways has led most of us crave for newer experiences, waiting to be taken aback by stumbling upon the new. In other words, today we all are moving towards discovery travel. Embracing this culture is veteran hospitality brand, Sterling Holidays who announced that it was now time to #HolidayDifferently

Discovery Travel On Your Mind? Holiday Differently With Sterling
This piqued our curiosity, what about you? Picture Credit- Sterling Holidays

In an advent to answer our curiosity (Because that’s what we best do), we found ourselves at their bloggers meet with Indiblogger to find out what’s new. But what is a travel bloggers meet without conversations featuring experiences and tales? We sure had bag full of latter!

Discovery Travel On Your Mind? Holiday Differently With Sterling
Bloggers meet done right! Picture Credit- Indiblogger

Marking the evening on the right note, Peshwa Acharya, CMO, Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited introduced the new brand philosophy emphasising on the joy of discovery which syncs well with the individual journey and concludes with findings dear to one’s own self. Even a family getaway today is defined by everyone’s individual goals leading to discoveries on the trip.

Discovery Travel On Your Mind? Holiday Differently With Sterling
Peshwa Acharya, CMO, Sterling Holiday Resorts, speaks about the contemporary traveler

Complementing the new brand philosophy are newer destinations and experiences added to the Sterling Holiday cart. When a traveler checks in to a Sterling property, he is to experience more than world class hospitality, food and accommodation, he is in for a surprise as the hospitality brand now offers newer events not just within the resorts but outside too.

The curated travel programs are best designed to offer a mix of in-house experiences coupled with local food tastings, interactions and tours. A millennial like me would know how valuable an addition that is, because travelers are largely governed by FOMO: Fear of missing out.

Some of my personal favourites from the new Sterling discovery offerings include Sterling Darjeeling, which takes one on a trip to a tea estate to learn all about the journey of tea, ending it with a tea tasting experience in the tea lounge at their resort and complimenting the experience with some local dishes.

Better even is Sterling Dindi  marking a food & culture trail to immerse yourself in the Konaseema culture – visit to a weaver’s village, experiencing local cuisine and learning how the famous “Paper Sweet”(Pootharekulu) is made, this also includes popular sight-seeing points along the way and paddy field cycling experience.

I could go on about their beautiful destinations and experiences, but that would be an endless affair, and I’m pretty sure you’re checking the destinations already.

When a new philosophy and newer destinations come into place, they deserve a new identity too perhaps? Well, yes!  Sterling unveiled to us it’s very new and vibrant (notice the pinwheel and bright colours) logo. What’s better even? The logo is unlike many other we’ve seen, and it brings back the joy (like a discovery experience should) of a pinwheel did back in the day.

Discovery Travel On Your Mind? Holiday Differently With Sterling
The new Sterling logo

You know a branding game doesn’t get any better when a mascot is in the picture, quite literally! Sterling has now introduced a discovery mascot too, say hello to Raja Rex, whom you are likely to meet over the coming days on your expeditions with Sterling.

Discovery Travel On Your Mind? Holiday Differently With Sterling
Say hello to Raja Rex

P.S: I’m already set to #HolidayDifferently, what about you? Until next time, #StayCurious  🙂

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