Dice Media’s New Web Series WTF Is About Us

Dice Media’s New Web Series WTF Is About Us

Marriages in India are no longer a Sooraj Barjatya affair where you fall in love with someone on day one and their parents become “mummy-daddy” on day two.  Contemporary relationships are far more complicated than that, it takes us (The startup generation) our own sweet time to nurture these associations. We’ve chosen to be real about them, rather than displaying a superficial air around it.

Acing this very idea, Dice Media is back with another web series What The Folks, a slice of life dramedy featuring Nikhil Solanki (Played by Veer Singh) and his relationship with his wife’s folks.

After watching the first episode, I can safely say that Dice Media’s new web series WTF is about us, the crazy Indian families, spotted in every nook and cranny, the 20 somethings who don’t always  resonate with their folks.

Read on…

1. The disparity is here and real: How many of you proudly boost of being atheists, but won’t eat chicken at least at home on a Tuesday because your mom holds religious beliefs about it? This is the simplest example of disparity of ideology between you and your folks, but as the episode features too, you make peace with it because that’s how you co-exist happily. Right?

Dice Media’s New Web Series WTF Is About Us
Sounds familiar?

2. Whatsapp brand of humour: We all know of uncles and their unfunny jokes inspired by Whatsapp brand of humour, and yet we continue to carry our alliance with them via fake smiles and #Dying moments.

3. Of stereotypes and unsolicited advice: Indianism 101 comes with stereotypes in abundance and Indianism post the age of 40 offers unsolicited advice at length too. Vipin Sharma as Prakash, Nikhil’s father-in-law does the part to a T.

Dice Media’s New Web Series WTF Is About Us
A still from the first episode

4. Awkwardness level-Pro: We’ve all witnessed the relationship between a daughter-in-law and her new family, but most of us don’t know that this family fiesta only gets more awkward for a guy. (Not being sexist, but men aren’t as easy breezy with the drill of family) The awkwardness is definitely worse for someone who hasn’t seen the other “new family” as often.

P.S:  Between the clumsiness of the relationship between Gen then and now is Dice Media’s new web series WTF, which is about us. While you await the next episode, until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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