Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar Is Now On The Web

Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar Is Now On The Web

Having been born and brought up in Bombay/Mumbai all my life, Colaba Causeway has been my heaven gate to chunky jewellery and under priced breezy summer dresses.

I’ve never been excited about Delhi so much (Sorry, capital city) until I learnt about Sarojini Nagar.  The web has been talking about it for too long for me to be low key dying out of joy.

Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar Is Now On The Web
Source: Trav Diary

The fact that it’s inaccessible to Bombay didn’t resonate with me, and I’m sure if you’re based in any other part of the country, you would feel the same way. Looks like the universe has answered our prayers, because *drumrolls* Sarojini Nagar is now an online store! (Does an excited mental cartwheel)

Without further ado, explore the favourite most and economical shopping centre online here 

P.S: As web trotters, we couldn’t be happier about stumbling upon this new found nirvana. While you and I add some picks to the cart, until next time, #StayCurious 🙂  

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