Dear 20 Somethings, Hear This Out

Dear 20 Somethings, Hear This Out


Dear 20 Somethings, Hear This Out
Are you feeling it?

Dear 20 somethings,

It’s one those of mid-Monday moments when you wish you could clone yourself to finish the multiple tasks in line and get the hell out of your desk ASAP!

Given the mostly Monday vibe creating major blues, you’re gonna question why are you doing the job you do? Why do the relationships you indulge in are inexplicable? You don’t mind a convenient friends with benefits arrangement, but secretly are a sucker for romance.

You think social media PDA is overrated and all you need is a partner to confide in, than just someone to tag along as your “Bae.”

Are these ideas too old fashioned? Would they be mocked in a time when hookups take place over a right swipe?
Forget a serious relationship or a booty call, maybe it’s just not your time to share it with someone else, maybe all you want is the world to be your oyster but the job you do indicates little or no progression.

Should you walk out of it? Is it the plunge you’re willing to take? What are you gonna do about the bills you probably gotta pay and worse even what are you gonna do with all that sudden free time when your friends and peers are busy with their dedicated work life through the week?

Maybe you’ve made peace with the job you have or the lifestyle you lead and the company you share until you realise that less popular dude from school is now the founder of a jazzy startup already garnering popularity. Ah, the introvert from school you sidelined is now the face of leading magazine covers and brands.

Your life isn’t cool enough as others, maybe that is why no one on social media validates your existence?
Fun fact, you’re better than your yesterday’s self, a step ahead than you imagined. Independent and willing to commit yet freckled by someone else’s journey.

P.S: Dear 20 somethings, you are amazing the way you are. Your journey will proceed at its own pace, stop comparing it to others. Be happy for there’s only one like you

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