Curious Question: What’s Up Indian Television?

Curious Question: What’s Up Indian Television?

If you’ve been keeping up with CC, you would know that I share a major love-hate relationship with Indian entertainment. Blame it my general curiosity or terrible choice, I always end up catching a snippet or two of the shows that Indian TV has to offer.

Growing up in a joint family assured that I watched enough shows featuring kitchen politics, but recently comedian Varun Thakur shared on the SnG podcast that he too grew up watching Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi because #LackOfChoice and I’m guessing the 90’s single TV set trauma!

Curious Question: What’s Up Indian Television?
Yep, I watched this one too

Anyhow, over the years I’ve grown distant of Indian TV yet not completely aloof. These little snippets that I’ve watched in the last few days, I literally mean just the past few days have been asking this curious question: “What’s up Indian television?”

In this week Mona Lisa, a Bigg Boss house inmate tied the knot to long-term boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot.  If you’ve consumed just about enough content on Indian television you would know this isn’t the first time for a wedding to take place in the Bigg Boss house. The infamous couple Sara Khan and Ali Merchant too decided to seal the deal on Bigg Boss, season 4.

Curious Question: What’s Up Indian Television?
The big wedding on Bigg Boss, season 10

But here’s what had me raising eyebrows like an anxious auntyji.  When Vikram walked in to propose Mona, they obviously kissed and the makers of the show ‘didn’t mind’ sharing the same on national television with the viewers.  The makers and the show host Salman Khan has always emphasised how the popular reality show enjoys family viewership. Now here’s the question: It’s okay for pre-teens and children to witness a couple kissing on-screen but highly criticised when Gauhar Khan stoop up for beau Kushal Tandon? Are the makers suggesting that physical intimacy is okay but standing up for another person or being self-righteous isn’t?

Curious Question: What’s Up Indian Television?
The scene makers chose to cue

We all remember the Bond film SPECTRE facing cuts to its long kissing scenes, a film that a selected and perhaps relatively limited sector of the Indian society would be watching as a personal choice opposed to Bigg Boss which has been a popular watch in the country for over a decade now.

My grievances with Indian television aren’t restricted to its convenience but its assumption as well. The assumption that the audience is never gonna notice the most obvious of things. Sample this, the other day in scene from a popular TV show, Ishqbaaaz on Star Plus featured the protagonist wearing a mask of makeup while she coyly said, “Oh,blush aisa dikhta hai? Mujhe toh makeup ka koi idea nahi hai.” (Oh, this is how a blush looks? I have no clue about makeup)

Curious Question: What’s Up Indian Television?
Each time I watch Indian Tv shows

I’m not sure why the character said what she did, whether they were trying to suggest #OhNaturalBeauty or #OhPoorNaiveGirl  but at least for the sake of realism or in the least bit to not make a fool of themselves they could have toned down the makeup for that scene at least.

Speaking of a popular genre on TV, comedy (at least that’s what they claim it is) features shows such as The Kapil Sharma Show and  Comedy Nights Bachao. While the former show is an audience favourite and I personally respect Sharma’s journey to having carved a brand name for himself, I don’t understand how sexist or body shaming jokes are funny just because Kiku Sharda cross dresses on the show.

And did I mention how the ‘random’ questions coming from the studio audience is unamusing? Read more about it here.

As for Sharma’s competition, (at least that’s what they think, because you have to give to Kapil’s show, we all know who’s leading.)  Comedy Nights Bachao, they claim to be a roast show which is fair because roast has been a popular concept for the longest time, only it was unacceptable when AIB did it. The sad part is the roast is anything but funny, because we’ve often known that the show has overstepped the thin line between funny and distasteful comedy.

Curious Question: What’s Up Indian Television?
Corny but leggit question

Indian TV’s idea of the youth is reflected in shows like Roadies, Love School, Splitsvilla and others, maybe I should conclude this here before we all are left speechless as we ask: What’s up Indian TV?

P.S: What are the shows that have often left you questioning: What’s up Indian TV? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

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  1. I have stopped watching television serials long back, except for watching comedy shows once in a while . Most of television shows are senseless and a waste of time. I seriously miss serials like Udaan, Dekh bhai dekh etc . Seriously, whats up with Indian TV


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