Curious Contemplation- The Big Bad Theory Of A Villain

Curious Contemplation- The Big Bad Theory Of A Villain

In my existence of a voracious consumer of content, fiction in particular whether its books, movies, TV or web series, I’ve learned one thing about myself. The one thing that it’s high time we all start accepting about ourselves.  It is the fact that our appetite and palette for stories may differ in terms of genre and its presentation, but we’re all nothing but cheerleaders for valor, and victory.

We often find ourselves mentally applauding (Don’t you deny that) when the good guy/girl in the protagonist’s shoes is riding towards success. While I’ve casually stated the universal viewer/reader behaviour, one thing never really popped my mind until my interrogation hour took over (Yes, I do tend to invest my time and mind in fiction more often than reality at times :P)

This interrogation led to what I call Curious Contemplation- The Big Bad Theory Of A Villain. What’s this about?  Recounting your fictional favourites is recommended for highest level of relatability!

My theory tells me that if it isn’t for the bad guy/villain as we popularly say, the stories wouldn’t be as interesting. Almost like a half-cooked meal (Pardon my eternal love for food) But walk closer to the thought and you’re likely to nod in agreement. The Harry Potter series wouldn’t surge our levels of thrill and interest if Lord Voldemort was absent from the plot. It was for his badass wizardry that the story transformed to the next level. Likewise, Mr.India one of my favourites growing up wouldn’t tell the legendary tale it did if Mogambo’s ulterior motives had taken a vacation.

Curious Contemplation- The Big Bad Theory Of A Villain
Harry Porter wouldn’t be the same without Lord Voldemort

We may think that it’s the protagonist driving the bus, but in hindsight, it’s the villain who has been in the driver’s seat all along. When he/she takes the unexpected turn leading the story to the high road and leaving us in the nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat situation we love when witnessing a story.

My quest for experiencing this content nirvana (That’s what you call a well-crafted TV show/Film featuring the intriguing kind of villain) led me to stumble upon a trailer of Baaji by Zee Marathi. A period drama based on the Peshwai empire’s regime in the 18th Century. Narrating the lesser known side of the story, it presents a love story blossoming into a meaningful relationship with severe consequences.

Curious Contemplation- The Big Bad Theory Of A Villain
Meet Baaji

Topping this epic drama is the character of Shera, a treacherous kohl-eyed spy ready to take down the Peshwai empire. My probing tells me that there’s more to Shera’s character than the trailer tells you, and it is bound to make the premise of the show even more interesting than it already is.

Curious Contemplation- The Big Bad Theory Of A Villain
Shera, the villain in this historical drama

Depicted in less than a minute in the video, Shera, the Kohl-eyed man’s intentions are loud and clear. The manifesto is set and your interest, piqued; this villainous stride of his character reminds me of what the versatile film writer and critic, Roger Ebert said, “A great villain can transform a good try into a triumph.”

Apart from the fact that Baaji allows me to cinematically revisit a landmark period on my TV screen by airing on Zee Marathi and on the web via ZEE5, I couldn’t happier to witness elaborate sets, costume details, and most importantly some power-packed dialogues.

You can meet Shera from Baaji here  And to stay updated, follow Zee Marathi on social media.




P.S: While I head to probe further and get hooked to watching Baaji. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Until next time, #StayCurious 😊

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