Curious Chat: Mukti Mohan On Her Web Series Debut And More

Curious Chat: Mukti Mohan On Her Web Series Debut And More

As curious cults and most importantly netizens (We know you) who are served content more often than coffee are on a constant lookout for entertainment that is away from the mainstream and most importantly, the one that manages to pique our interest.

Being a pioneer, in digital entertainment in India, The Viral Fever (TVF) has continued to ace its role consistently. Now with its latest offering, Inmates, TVF tells the tale of a madhouse featuring 5 diverse personalities sharing the same roof.

Curious Chat: Mukti Mohan On Her Web Series Debut And More
Have you watched it yet?

After watching the first episode, we particularly love Kay’s character, a strong headed 25-year-old girl played by Mukti Mohan.

Given how much we admire her versatility, we decided to catch up with her for a curious chat as she tells us about her web series debut and more….

Tell us all about TVF Inmates and your character Kay, a free-spirited girl who stands up for the right things….

Inmates is the story of a bunch of kids (20 somethings) living in the same house. We’ve often encountered stories of guys living together or a couple living in the same house and there is a certain love interest involved, however, this story is about a unique mix of people living together and exploring each other’s side.

My character on the show, Kay is a free-spirited girl who’s on a different ride. When I first read about her, I didn’t see myself, however Abhishek Banerjee, the casting director was kind enough to give me the benefit of doubt and look beyond me as a dancer, a dusky girl/pretty girl with Indian features. He saw the girl in me who’s sort of an alpha female in the house who’s a feminist (Which is something I relate to. I’m a feminist and believe everyone should be. *Nods in agreement*)

Curious Chat: Mukti Mohan On Her Web Series Debut And More
Mukti Mohan as Kay

Initially, I thought Kay is a character who doesn’t belong in the house, but it’s interesting to see how she adapts and it was interesting as well for me personally as to how I adapted with the character!

Acting in TV, Films and now the web…

Growing up, I was always fascinated with television. I had watched shows like Hip Hip Hurray, (Nostalgia, anyone?) witnessed Shah Rukh Khan on the TV screen. In fact, being a psychology student, the idea of having a perspective while wearing someone else’s shoes intrigued me.

Curious Chat: Mukti Mohan On Her Web Series Debut And More
Mukti Mohan

However, in today’s time TV has become a little more about TRP generating content than intriguing scripts. Films too seem to be in a rut to make 100 crores than experimenting.

The digital space, on the other hand, seems to be working that way. When I was on the sets, the creators of the show Raghav Raj Kakkar and Kashyap Kapoor who are also co-actors playing Rahul and Fooga respectively, invited my improvisations and inputs while we were shooting. An experience like this simply opens your mind.

Since I’ve done theatre for about 3 years, I found the web space similar in nature, transparent and the one that generates instant feedback. On the theatre front, it is an audience full of 16 rows who share instant feedback, on the web front it is the digital audience who is candid in their response. (We all know the infamous, brutal and highly candid comments section on every social media platform)

The WEBSERA (The Web series era, Read here) in India…

A few years ago, one wouldn’t imagine that an impression, sketch or a dialogue stemming from day-to-day life (Case in point, “Tu beer hai,” from Pitcher and Mikesh’s “Cool” from Permanent Roommates) would become the talk of the town.

However, since the last three years, that has been made possible because of a platform like TVF. It was TVF’S success that probably gave a global content platform like Netflix the confidence that there’s an audience in India for web series.

This space is beautiful like that, it allows you to watch content on something as close as to your palm, which allows you to make it personal, offering a sense of liberty but entrusting, even more, responsibility at the same time.

The Mohan sisters are a talent house, are we likely to witness an on-screen collaboration?

Shakti and I are both fans of interesting thematic music when we did our Shape of You video, (ICYMI: ) we went back to our roots, which is Bharatanatyam, so if we get inspired, it will definitely be a music and dance project that we would like to present.

My two armours of love! Thank you #iifa2017

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What’s next?

I have more exciting projects coming on the web, I’m shooting for two web series in the month of October and November followed by a film which is likely to commence shoot in December or early in 2018. A lot of my peers from the theatre are now to enter the filmmaking world which means that we’ll be witnessing a newer genre of films which will be going by the crux of the medium, storytelling!

In closing, you would like to say…

No matter what platform or project one is working with, we shouldn’t forget to embrace the importance of a learning graph, that’s what I want to continue to do with my work, keep learning. I wish to be a storyteller who can share a message at the end of the day.

P.S: We personally think Mukti has already been making a difference as an inspirational artist for every girl, we can’t wait to witness more of her on this side of the entertainment world. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

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