Curious Chat: Meet Dirven Hazari, The YouTube Pioneer Of An Infrequently Spoken Language

Dirven Hazari

India is a landscape of multiple sceneries, from mountains to the beaches, we’re home to over 30 spoken languages. (That’s how beautifully diverse we are.)

While the popularly known languages are classified by states, regions and sometimes cities even, Sindhi, an Indo-Aryan language on a lot of occasions, fails to find familiarity among the millennials. Rarely do you witness 20 somethings chattering away in their mother tongue!

Despite being a linguistic enthusiast, I’m personally guilty of not being proficient enough in my own mother tongue, however I wasn’t too guilty because I didn’t know of a peer acing the language either until I discovered a YouTube channel, Sindhionism (The first channel to have a Sindhi web series in India!) run by a 20 something, Dirven Hazari encouraging the language like the youth would appreciate it. The popularity of the channel grew and it even made it to YouTube Next Up this year, where country’s top 12 YouTube channels were on the front seat!

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Now without me babbling anymore, meet Dirven Hazari the pioneer of Sindhi language on YouTube…

1. How did the idea of Sindhonism come about?

Sindhionism started with few simple thoughts. To begin with, comedy always intrigued me and I   would make comic videos since the age of 11, however back then there wasn’t any platform to upload those videos. Later in 2014, I started making vines (Short videos with humourous context) on Instagram. People were really enjoying them, some of my videos even went viral on the internet.

Last year, I thought of doing something different in the best way that I could. After stumbling upon some posts on Facebook I found out that the Sindhi youth wasn’t speaking in their mother tongue, which could be a grave problem in the long run. This led me to the idea of making videos in Sindhi which along with entertainment, would encourage the language. Naming the channel after the language, I came up with Sindhionism .


2. Did Sindhionism start with the idea of a full-fledged channel or was it a hobby that became a professional YouTube channel?

Ah, No. It never started as a full-fledged channel. In fact, it wasn’t even a channel in the first place, rather it was simply a Facebook page. It was only 8-9 months later, I started with a YouTube channel.

Honestly, it’s still it is not a professional YouTube channel. It’s going on as a hobby or maybe I can say it’s still in an alley between hobby and a professional channel:P ( That’s humility for a channel that made it to country’s top 12, right?)

3. When did you realise that your channel was becoming popular or when was your first fan encounter?

I’m still unaware of the extent of the channel’s popularity it is. Because while you have statistics from YouTube and social media, it isn’t possible to track the stats on WhatsApp, a platform where a lot of my videos go viral. For instance, a video on my Facebook page may receive around 150k views, but more than 800k people watch it on WhatsApp. Although this 800k figure is just an estimate, it could be more or lesser.

4. Your sketches on the channel featuring your dad’s character have received popularity, any real-life instances?

I think a lot of the things have happened to me in real life, petty things that most people and their parents argue about which is why these videos are popular because people relate to it.

I have faced most situations in real life, however, of course, even the common most things are exaggerated in my videos to make them funny.

5. Top 3 compliments you’ve received for your work?

I’m extremely grateful because I’ve received a lot of support and love. Although, I can’t be precise in general top 3 instances that are really close to my heart are the following: Sindhionism helped people to recover from depression, the humour helped people forget their worries for the time being. The channel cuts through every age group from 3 to 75 years which serves a common platform for families to come together and watch content online.

6. A message you would like to share…

I would like to thank each and everyone who made me what I always wanted to be and I would always to entertain and continue to contribute my abilities to the best. Also my lots of love to Curiosity Cult and wish all the very best. You are Awesome! (We like the mutual admiration society!)

Learn about Dirven’s inspiring journey in a minute

P.S: We need for changemakers in the content industry like Dirven, who’re using an entertainment platform to make a difference in their way. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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