Curious Chat- All You Needed To Know About Poker In India

Curious Chat- All You Needed To Know About Poker In India

Sunshine cladden days painting the most picturesque sunsets, beachy wind in the hair, thrill and chatter of the mind sports, overlooking the amassing Goa sea is how the unison of contemporary gaming and old-world live gaming charm looks!

Curious Chat- All You Needed To Know About Poker In India
It’s a good day for a game!
Curious Chat- All You Needed To Know About Poker In India
A sunshine afternoon at Deltin Suites, Goa

Wondering what is this dreamy unison? It’s Adda 52 led Deltin Poker Tournament, 2019 February edition that took place in Goa, 7th-11th February, 2019.

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Deltin Royale, where online poker meets a live event
Picture Source- Deltin

What’s Adda 52  and Deltin Poker Tournament? 

 Adda52 is India’s pioneer online poker and games site bringing together poker professionals and enthusiasts to play poker with real money. Deltin Poker Tournament is a 5-day live poker extravaganza taking place at Deltin Royale, the biggest floating casino in India.The collaboration gives a platform to the best poker minds to participate and win from a prize pool of more than 1 Crore.

Curious Chat- All You Needed To Know About Poker In India
Mohit Agarwal, CEO and founder, Adda52, Roland Landers, CEO, All India Gaming Federation

Adda52, CEO, Mohit Agarwal, shared that after rummy, poker is the second largest skill-based game. DPT takes place thrice a year, WPT is the fourth edition. A typical DPT format is such that it starts on a Thursday and ends on Monday, designed for a working audience, to make it a long weekend.

Looking back at the journey of Adda52 so far, Mohit shared how the online payment infrastructure and the ease of online operations has brand the online poker platform a huge success. To enhance the players’ experience, Adda52 joined hands with Deltin for an offline event.

What began with 12,000 players is today a force of 1-5 lakh players with Adda52, expected to grow in the coming years!

Meet Adda 52 Prop Players

Kunal Patni, Minisha Lamba, and Nikita Luther have been on the top of their poker game, here’s a quick overview of their journey.

Kunal shared with us that he’s been a former banker for 11 years, a financial Equity Manager whose first rendezvous with poker led him to pursue it further, in March, 2015, he finally quit his job to make enough with poker and make it a full-time career.

Minisha Lamba, an actor known to grace the screen, was approached by Adda 52 to play as a celebrity poker player

Nikita Luther first started playing informally, at a friend’s birthday party with small money and at the end of the evening, she had won all the money, and she looked up information and made poker her passion, eventually making her passion a career!

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L-R: Nikita Luther, Minisha Lamba, Kunal Patni

Myths about poker vs reality

Myth about poker in India- Often mistaken as gambling, and the game of the rich.

Reality – It’s a mind game open for all sections of the society, works on strategic calculations, and management, which works like any other profession, with 30% deduction of taxes on the income earned.

Minisha added that the closest analogy to poker would be that of trading into the stock market, the way you study the companies you invest in, similarly you study the game thoroughly.

The Reality Behind Poker Fashion

Cinema has painted a certain picture of poker fashion often spotted in real life too wherein players are seen wearing a hoodie, dark shades, and sometimes plugging in headphones. Is that a style statement?

Kunal clarified that it isn’t a style statement, but the look is donned because shades allow you to not give away the blink of an eye, any emotion when playing against a professional, the headphones are to cancel noise/chatter from the background and the hoodie is worn for a practical purpose, since its cold on the casino

Curious Chat- All You Needed To Know About Poker In India
Picture Credit – Poker News

What does it take to become a professional poker player?

The pro players shared that since it’s a mental game, meditation, and a mix of physical training are required for one to be able to sit as long in the game. Alongside, being constantly updated, and educated about the game, and strategies help.

Tilt is a term in poker which refers to a blank state of mind when under pressure in an intensive game, one can avoid a situation like that with meditation to be composed through it.

Poker in the contemporary Indian scenario

Kunal said that Indians,  are in fact the smartest of the global lot, since we’re analytical, great with numbers. He further that he finds it more difficult to play against Indians. The poker scene is likely to grow in India in the next 3-4 years.

Nikita, crediting online poker said that there’s been a transition of poker in the last 3 years, players from India went to Vegas and played.

Bank Roll Management in Poker

Kunal suggested that if one wants to start playing today, they must play games that their bank Roll can manage, and play the stakes accordingly. Start small, manage the bank Roll, and not go beyond. There’s a lot of variants giving everyone an opportunity to start somewhere.

What’s a typical day for a poker play? 

Sunday is the biggest day for poker players which means that’s a definite work day, and apart from that the pro players participate in the game 3-4 days a week, catch up on studying the game, and find time to unwind.

Curious Question-Best wins so far?

Kunal-  WPD, Berlin  $96,000 (Pre-taxes)

Nikita- WSOP win $88,000 (Pre-taxes)


Poker in social settings

Minisha believes that poker is a great equaliser, one could be a dishwasher or a billionaire, still, be participating in the same game. In 2016, an Uber Driver won a million dollars at the world series on poker!

P.S: That was our curious chat for all you needed to know about poker in India. Have you tried playing this mind sport? Let us know in the comments section below! Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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