Curious 2017: The Resolution You Need This Year

Curious 2017: The Resolution You Need This Year
  1. Workout every day
  2. Eat right
  3. Travel
  4. Read more
  5. Live life to the fullest
  6. Be organised

Wait up! Before you think this is my list of New Year resolutions, let me tell you, it isn’t.  Google told me this list happens to be among the popular resolutions this year. I personally think it happens to be the popular list from every year.  Think about it from your own perspective, it’s not like you didn’t wish to workout every day in 2010 to eventually have a sassy body or be organised enough to not go on a treasure hunt each day to find your matching pair of socks or thoughts in your head 😛

Curious 2017: The Resolution You Need This Year

After 11 years of trying and believing (Yes, I did a count) that I could make New Year resolutions a living reality, I came to a real-time, solid conclusion. And what’s that? I came up with the resolution you need this year! And not just you, even me!

The resolution you and I need this year is to NOT have a list of resolutions! We don’t need a list of DO’s and DONT’s, because most of the time these resolutions don’t last any longer than a pizza on the table. We all sure need plans and an idea to work on, but resolutions? Not really!

Curious 2017: The Resolution You Need This Year
As you pen down

Although we could sure work on an ideology which I believe could come real handy this year: The idea is to Jump in the water.

In 2016, I saw most ideas and plans die at “What if.” We are so consumed by the possibility of things not working out that we’re afraid to jump in the water to even test it, we wear sunscreen before even the sun starts shining on us.

So in 2017, we can take the plunge to execute that long pending idea or plan, let time take its course, the worst that really could happen is for it to not work out, at least regret won’t bite you at 3 am on an odd day.

P.S: This ideology doesn’t apply simply for plans or ideas, but perhaps day-to-day life. Going with the flow to be surprised can be better than you think. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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