Busy Life Blues? Get Hydrolyzed Protein On The Go With Protinex

Busy Life Blues? Get Hydrolysed Protein On The Go With Protinex

It often happens that when we start to take notice of those extra pounds, we hit the gym in all sincerity and begin to game up even more as we see ourselves inching a step closer to our goal (Muscle gain in your case if you’re a man inspired to get that Instagram perfect biceps body.)

Just as you’re getting used to sweating it out, your trainer recommends an “ideal” protein intake and this is where things begin to seem complicated! Because you may consume proteins from sources and supplements familiar to you, but how would you ever know the accuracy and protein type ideal for yourself?

Since I had the same curious questions as you, it’s imperative to understand it’s importance closely and bust endless myths that we often hold, thus recently I found myself at a Protinex event with key people from the health and fitness industry, read on what I learnt…

You Can Now Track Your Protein Intake With Protinex’s Newest Tool
My share of protein from Protinex

Proteins and its importance…

Proteins are large complex molecules composed of Amino Acids, joined with peptide bond. 20 diverse types of Amino Acids are required by human body. Nonessential amino acids can be made by the body, while essential amino acids cannot be made by the body, so you must get them from your diet. Proteins are key macronutrients needed for growth and development, maintenance of muscle mass, for functioning of enzymes and hormones, transport of oxygen, healthy hairs and nails, to support immunity and as a source of energy.

Did you know?

Our body requires 0.75 to 1 gm of protein per kg of weight? Sometimes it’s difficult to meet this requirement through our regular diet which maybe home cooked food, but could be extremely low on protein content. A recent study even found that 73% of urban Indians suffer from protein deficiency!

Best form of proteins…

A closer study of proteins reveals that proteins in form, also popularly known as “pre-digested” proteins are the best way to consume. Obtained by addition of proteolytic enzymes to purified protein sources, followed by some purification steps, it mimics the digestion process and result in intact proteins (macro-molecules, composed of several complex peptide chains held together) breaking down into single amino acids and small amino-acid peptide strands.

Benefits of hydrolysed proteins…

They are extremely effective in speeding the delivery of the amino acids as compared to an intact protein. Hydrolysates also have a significantly higher insulinotropic effect i.e. enhancing the production/activity of insulin.

And on daily basis, it helps in accelerating recovery from exercise induced muscle damage. Ingestion of protein hydrolysate with carbohydrate during and immediately after exercise improves whole-body protein synthesis.

At the same time, Hydrolyzed proteins are less allergenic (or immune-response-inducing) for babies who are at risk for food allergies or immune diseases.

Hydrolysed proteins are also found to be effective in case of the elderly, it helps in reduction in rate and efficiency of protein digestion and subsequent absorption of amino acids. It is suggested that the ingestion of a protein hydrolysate, as opposed to its intact protein, might accelerate protein digestion and absorption, increase plasma amino acid availability and, as such, augment the postprandial muscle protein synthetic response.

Protinex, the best form of Hydrolysed proteins…

Presenting Hydrolysed proteins in the best form and on the go is Protinex, that caters to the nutritional needs of adults and children. To make protein on the go even easier and satiate tastebuds, Protinex also offers Protinex Bytes, multi-grain biscuits high on protein with 0 trans fat.

I personally consume Protinex powder with water post workout to help me recover from the workout and while on the go, Protinex Bytes gets me covered for all my munching desires!

How to measure intake of Protein?

Now that we know Protinex is our go-to hydrolysed source of protein, how much protein is adequate protein? Because every individual’s ideal protein intake varies as per age, physical activity, body weight, lifestyle etc.

Introducing the new protein calculator by Protinex

The good Samaritans at Protinex, a veteran brand in the health and fitness business were listening! Recently, the launched the much-awaited protein calculator.

Sharing an insight on proteins requirement, Mr. Himanshu Bakshi, Director-Marketing, Danone India said, “93% of Indians are unaware of their ideal protein requirement and believe that they are getting enough protein in their diet. Hence, we developed a simple protein calculator to help Indians assess their protein intake.”

You Can Now Track Your Protein Intake With Protinex’s Newest Tool
Mr. Himanshu Bakshi and Prithvi Shaw

Yes, you read that right! Unveiled by a young sports gem and under 19 Indian cricket team captain, Prithvi Shaw, the calculator is an easy to use digital tool to measure one’s daily protein intake and improve their diet to meet their ideal protein requirement. Sounds easy right? That practically helps you get your protein intake questions sorted in one go and saves you the time you would spend researching on at least 15 websites!

You Can Now Track Your Protein Intake With Protinex’s Newest Tool
Prithvi Shaw, Under 19 Indian cricket team captain

P.S: Given that its rich in hydrolyzed proteins and easy to consume on the go, Protinex is my intake on the go and life is measuring its intake is even easier now with the newly launched calculator. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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