I’ve been talking to you through Curiosity Cult for quite some time now, and you seem to enjoy this chat. I know you do 😉 (At least I want to believe that) So just when I thought I wasn’t talking about enough that I decided to take up the popular A to Z blogging challenge in the month of April.

What’s the challenge all about? All of April, barring Sundays that’s 26 days of the month, I alongside many bloggers across the globe will be participating in this challenge.

So that means, all of April we will be interacting 6 times a week 😀 And to make this chat even more interesting here’s a theme I decided on: The Web.

Big Announcement: Theme Reveal- A To Z Challenge, 2017

Theme of the Challenge

You and I will be discussing everything on, about and in the web world. Oh, trust me nothing that will bug you, but interest you.

P.S: While we walk to March in April (notice that pun? :D) Keep watching this space for contemporary content to feed your soul. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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  1. This is a super theme Seema, there are so many things that one would want to know about the web. Web is a universe and many dont even know what are things like Bounce Rate, Favicon, Meta Data etc. This would be of great help.

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