Back Porch Memories Is Rekindling This Forgotten Concept

Back Porch Memories Is Rekindling This Forgotten Concept

A picture is worth a thousand words they say, but how true is that in 2017 when your phone gallery holds the merest memory of you dining at a fancy restaurant or treating your taste buds in the good old ice-pop candy of a gola? Despite the technological advancement, my introspection and experience tells me, it’s even more important to treasure pictures in today’s time. Why you ask?

As Barbara Tuchman once rightly said, “Books are humanity in print.”

We live in an era when the online culture is taking over at light’s speed, emotions are replaced by emoticons, heart-to-heart conversations have taken the Whatsapp route and most essentially the joy of developing special pictures to life is replaced by our high megapixel cameras.

While our dearest DSLRs and high end cell phone pictures do a great job at capturing moments, they fail to preserve the memory of the moment and most importantly have taken away the joy of togetherness.

The joy of togetherness
The joy of togetherness

If you ask me, that’s not just the only problem here, other than losing the joy of reminiscing together, digital pictures are often buried below a pile of other pictures; and not to mention, the peril of our beloved technology i.e- It decides to give up anytime, unless you have a backup, for all you know, your memories are lost forever to a technical error.

Bridging this gap between technology limitations and the joy of reminiscing beautiful life events together is an interesting initiative called Back Porch Memories by Priya Agarwal.

What’s this about?

Artistically marrying the classic concept of printing pictures and embracing important life events together in print and touch, Priya created a new age solution with her personalised coffee table photo books in May, 2015. As of today, the number of story tellers have grown and she’s become the proud promoter of this craft.

Back Porch Memories Is Rekindling This Forgotten Concept
Your special memories in print and feel

What’s so special?

As a web trotter and curious cult always on the go for unique ideas, (I should tone down the self-description, no? :P) I was looking for a cool gifting idea which would pour my heart out but also be elegant at the same time, because hey, customised gifts can easily look like a craft project gone wrong. It was then that I stumbled upon their Facebook page and found myself in a visual treat because instead of going the typical template way, the Good Samaritans at Back Porch Memories had taken the effort to bespoke unique designs for every book with important letters, quotes and messages.

Back Porch Memories Is Rekindling This Forgotten Concept
Custom made memories on print


As I scrolled more of their pictures, I learnt that the team treats every story with its unique entitlement and their work clearly suggests that in the process of creating a special memory for someone, they become attached to it.

Whom is this for?

You’re sure wondering whom does this unique idea concern? Is it for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries alone that command our attention? To be honest, that’s the reason I started looking for ideas in the first place until I checked their work to realise that while those are the obvious reminders of gestures; coffee table books are a great way to preserve the memory of an epic trip, maternity journeys , and come on, do I really need to list out the number of possible occasions? It’s also an interesting way of introducing a baby to the family tree or simply expressing one’s affection towards another one because could there be a more beautiful way?

Back Porch Memories Is Rekindling This Forgotten Concept
A trip down the memory lane

How does it work?

You will be involved at every stage of the creative process so the final book will speak your heart & language. Every element that you see and touch including the quality of paper, binding and the packaging will be carefully selected keeping in mind your expectation and purpose.The book is available in landscape and square orientations.

How to get in touch?

You can check out their Facebook page here or simply connect with the owner, Priya Agarwal at :+91 9619944993

 P.S :If you’re still reading this you know the page you need to bookmark when you wish to make expression a meaningful  idea . Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂


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