After Thoughts: ZEE5 Originals, Karenjit Kaur The Untold Story of Sunny Leone

After Thoughts: ZEE5 Originals, Karenjit Kaur The Untold Story of Sunny Leone

When was the last time you watched TV? The web trotter in me couldn’t me tell. Ironically, my interaction with TV, especially in the last one year has been that of a viewing medium than a primary platform. I’ve found myself turning to it for a bigger screen experience of my favourite shows online, the web series!

I couldn’t be happier when I learnt that Zee, one of India’s leading veteran entertainment channels decided to embrace the world wide web with ZEE5, an OTT platform that offers 3500+ movies, 90+ live tv channels and much more in 12 Indian languages!

ZEE5, Yass or Pass?

Being the netizen and web series junkie that I am, I set out to explore the route to ZEE5, and I have to mention that once you’ve arrived at this destination, there’s no going back. When unable to access a bigger screen, I tend to watch content on the go on my phone; and ZEE5 does a good job in that endeavour, keeping its app extremely mobile-friendly. The detail nerd in me can’t stop obsessing over the app design which uses easy navigation marks, a Pink & Black colour theme which keeps monotony at bay and details highlighted.

The platform caters to every age group and interest, the content is diversified into shows, movies, videos, live TV, ZEE5 Originals and a dedicated space for kids’ entertainment. These content categories also feature currently running shows from Zee TV, Zee Marathi etc. If you’re looking to play catch up on any of Zee’s shows, the 5 mins webisodes help you do exactly that!

In case you’re still wondering, ZEE5 is a definite YASS for your time!

After Thoughts: ZEE5 Originals, Karenjit Kaur The Untold Story of Sunny Leone

As the title suggests, this ZEE5 Originals, tells the tale of Sunny Leone, narrating the known, the little-known and everything in between. The series unfolds with a snippet of a hesitant Sunny stepping into the world of modeling.

We’re then led into an intriguing title track commencing the episode with a creative rendition of Sunny’s widely celebrated interview from 2016 where she gracefully handles the wrath of some tough questions led by a senior journalist.

After Thoughts: ZEE5 Originals, Karenjit Kaur The Untold Story of Sunny Leone
A glimpse of the show featuring Sunny’s interview

Following every question is a tell-all fashion answer by Sunny which navigates the premises of the plot in a non-linear style. These answers open a doorway to the journey of Karenjit Kaur to Sunny Leone.

After concluding my 10-episodes marathon of the first season, here are things I absolutely hearted about the web series…

1. Sunny Leone’s Biography and not Hagiography: In the recent past, biographies have often drifted to turn into hagiographies portraying a saintly picture of the protagonist. Sharing a biography on a digital platform can be even trickier because smaller details are often caught quickly on the smaller screen, and much to my relief this biography stays true to the nature of this form of storytelling depicting every turning point of Sunny’s life, her inhibitions, the familial realities and most importantly her unapologetic approach towards each of her decisions.

After Thoughts: ZEE5 Originals, Karenjit Kaur The Untold Story of Sunny Leone
Gotta love the unapologetic approach

3. Characterization and Depiction Details: Among the many reasons you’re bound to be hooked to this show, characterization and depiction details top the chart. The makers have paid close attention to every character’s traits that work well with the depiction of her Sikh family and community’s reserved mindset as opposed to the literal and figurative fast-pacing and the progressive backdrop of Canada and United States. Apart from the familial realities, the socio-political situation in the late 80s-early 00s is also tapped at various junctures of the series.

Grusha Kapoor as Sunny’s mom, Balwant Kaur Vohra gives us an insight into an Indian diaspora’s perception, it often traces back to Indian roots when defining wrong and right.

After Thoughts: ZEE5 Originals, Karenjit Kaur The Untold Story of Sunny Leone
Grusha Kapoor as Balwant Kaur Vohra

Bijay Anand who plays the role of Sunny’s dad perfectly fits the shoes of an NRI Sikh who despite some disagreements with the first world mechanisms, tries his best to cope wherever required but in his book of principles, stays true to his home-grown values.

Karamvir Lamba as Sundeep (Sunny) Vohra Sunny’s reel brother and narrator at crucial points of the show echo the sentiments of a young American citizen and an understanding brother.

Curious Question: To binge-watch or not?  

Once you start watching Karenjit Kaur- The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone you won’t be asking this question. The first episode is bound to grip your attention with its non-linear narration and thick plot points. Before you know it, your interest to know what happens next in the life of Sunny Leone is piqued. To conclude, I will quote her, “It takes nerves of steel,” to relive the journey and share it with the world with no qualms.

Binge-watch the show here 

P.S: While I can’t wait to watch season 2 already, I recommend you the binge-watch therapy for this show. Until next time, #StayCurious 😊

Watch the trailer here:

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  1. I have watched the trailer and must admit this seems much more than the trailer a story must watch …I am looking forward to see this


  2. This series looks very interesting and after reading this article the curiosity level has just doubled. Will definitely give this a watch


  3. She is a bold girl with great attitude not many of people know about her nature and ofcourse charities .


  4. I don’t really follow web serieses but you really got me interested. I would like to watch it.


  5. That’s really an inspirational story. I love the poise of Sunny Leone.Very well explained


  6. It sounds interesting! The trailer is really good and I am curious to see the original story! Hope will know many unknown facts about Sunny Leone.


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