After Thoughts: Amazon Original Breathe

After Thoughts: Amazon Original Breathe

As webtrotters, a term we have proudly coined for digital nomads like you and me who find solace in the by-lanes of the world called web; naturally turn to the territory of this very medium to find our share of entertainment. Speaking of which, what really is entertainment? Turning to our digital brain Google, here’s how it explains entertainment: Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight.

This extremely simple yet intriguing definition caught my interest (Maintain yours too, I promise there’s more than word play here.) As it suggests, entertainment is what eventually captures our attention and interest, that’s something the Indian television struggles with today and then began the advent of video streaming platforms, which managed to do step up above the Indian television scene but aired majorly international shows that lacked relatability which eventually creates a larger relationship between the viewer and the show, thus leaving the larger spectrum of Indian audience unamused and building a gap.

Bridging this gap is Amazon Prime, which among the many benefits, extends an affordable video streaming app catering largely to the Indian audience offering a diverse mix of shows, movies in the Indian regional languages (apart from international languages) and most importantly Amazon Originals.

What are Amazon Originals?

Shows featuring original content created by Amazon. At present, Amazon finds its presence across the genres of drama, comedy, children’s programming, docu-series and the list goes on.

Amazon India Originals…    

Realising the potential given the visible surge in viewership for content online, Amazon has started investing in India with its originals and that’s an investment done right! The premiere Amazon India Original, Inside Edge, a fictional series featuring the political climate of cricket leading to avenues of more than what meets the eye received accolades and critical acclaim.

Following the success of Inside Edge, Amazon Prime released another original Breathe on 26th  January. And as they say, the second time around is even better, and this Amazon Original turned out no different to the rule.

After Thoughts: Amazon Original Breathe
Image courtesy: Amazon Prime

What is Amazon Original Breathe about?

Starring veteran actor (Read: Heart throb) R Madhavan in the central role, Breathe is a psychological thriller exploring the story of ordinary lives having met with extraordinary circumstances leading to unfolding of events that occur beyond and challenge one’s anticipation.

What happens when Danny Mascarenhas (Played by R. Madhavan), a single parent to his six-year-old son, Josh learns that he is suffering from lung failure (Cystic Fibrosis), a congenital life-threatening disease, and is in dire need of a lung transplant? How can a common man rise to an occasion of this nature?

When a situation as intense arises, the question that haunts us is how far will you go to save the life of a loved one?

After Thoughts On Breathe…  

As a viewer, involved in this nail biting, heart pacing series I found myself asking this question, what would I do in the same situation as Danny? My instantaneous thought process navigated to the classic theory of all being fair in love and war, more so if it is to save the life of a loved one, because a part of our being is largely associated with the existence and well being of our dear ones.

On detaching myself from the plot, I’ve watched 7/8 gripping episodes of this Amazon Original, and it is safe to say that I’m in awe of the series and can’t stop broadcasting my thoughts offline and online. While my quota of the former exercise is endless, read on so I can accomplish my later motto of sharing the content of good content…

After Thoughts: Amazon Original Breathe
R Madhavan as Danny Mascarenhas and Atharva Vishwakarma as Josh Mascarenhas
(Image courtesy: Amazon Prime)

1. Larger than life canvas: Content on video streaming apps such as Amazon Prime is most often viewed on smaller screens such as the mobile or laptop, the canvas or final visual product for that matter seems raw on a lot of occasions, but in case of Breathe, director Mayank Sharma paints a larger than life canvas by the interesting use of lights and angle placements which heighten the emotions of the characters, building a greater relationship and empathy for the characters. (You can tell by my reaction, Danny’s dilemma started playing in my head as my own.)

2. Cast-Character-Connect: One of the most commendable things about Breathe is its casting which manages to create believable characters that enjoy an audience connect.

R Madhavan’s portrayal of Danny Mascarenhas, a single parent in a hapless situation makes you step into his shoes.

Amit Sadh, as Kabir Sawant, a Mumbai Crime Branch officer exhibiting brilliance at his job but fighting his own demons presents a memorable character.

Atharva Vishwakarma as Josh Mascarenhas, an ailing little boy manages to evoke heart-wrenching moments with his act.

Nina Kulkarni as Juliet Mascarenhas, a God loving Catholic widow gracefully tells the tale of a   disheartened grandmother at her grandson’s plight.

After Thoughts: Amazon Original Breathe
Nina Kulkarni as Juliet Mascarenhas (Image courtesy: Amazon Prime)

Sapna Pabbi as Ria Ganguly creates a graceful performance coping with the gravity of the situation while making her individuality stand out.

Hrishikesh Joshi as Prakash Kamble, Sawant’s subordinate and side-kick seamlessly manages to create an impact in his screen time.

3. Plot with a purpose: The edge of the seat and extremely fixating plot of Breathe serves a purpose, shares a message that most need to ponder and act upon.

Curious Question: To watch or not?

You’re bound to ask the obvious curious question whether you should be watching Breathe or not? I say it out loud, YES! Watch this Amazon Original because it tells a story with a purpose in a span of 8 episodes (Now that the final one releases on Friday) which many fail to in multiple seasons even. Watch Breathe because R Madhavan, the guy next door we’ve loved from Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein and Tanu Weds Manu series beautifully transforms into Danny’s characters whose shades are so real and  riveting. And a final reason to witness this excellence in storytelling is result of all the resources put together weaving compelling performances, adding value to India’s bag of originals.

P.S:  Now that Friday marks the release of the final episode of Breathe, binge-watching plans for the weekend are on point. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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