A To Z Blog Challenge, 2017- N For Networking Online

A To Z Blog Challenge, 2017- N For Networking Online

You’ve sure heard the popular phrase that one day the internet was born and the world became a smaller place.

Now if you bring out the Sherlock within you, realisation will meet your mind that it is somewhere because of networking online that the world has become a smaller place.

When I think of any corner of the world, it somehow doesn’t seem far because courtesy of the web I’ve interacted at length with people across the globe. I exactly know their experiences, lifestyle and what goes around; the unexplored seems rather explored to me.

This, in a nutshell, was my personal experience of networking online. Now how does it work differently for people and most importantly how has it help bridge the gap in a global scene?

Read on…

1. Let’s talk business:  Dedicated websites such as Linkedin,  Academia, Mendeley and so on helps professionals across various industries to connect, collaborate and create sustainable relationships without them having to step out and making the best avoidable small talk.


2. Swipe right for love: I may or may not be hooked to dating apps, but they sure fascinate me. Isn’t dating a form of networking as well? Despite the extravagant parties and 7304894 events that we as a generation go to, dating apps are our favourite way to network with the like-minded and strike a chord.


3. Catch up, at least virtually: Networking online has been the lazy guy’s solution to avoiding stepping out and wearing real pants to meet people. Why step out when you catch up online, right?


P.S:   While this is an overview of how networking online has impacted lives in the tiniest possible ways, stories and experiences in this sector vary. Let me know in the comments section below how networking online has impacted you? Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂


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