A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017- I For Instagram

A TO ZBLOG CHALLENGE, 2017- I For Instagram

From being tagged as the promoter of narcissism to being a community builder, Instagram has come a long way. I remember not being fascinated with Instagram for the longest time because what was so exciting about pictures alone? Until today when I see the power of visuals over words. The writer in me is not happy about it, but the social media junkie in me is doing the cha cha.

What makes Instagram so popular you ask? I thought like always, I must share my two cents. Right?

1. Life comes in filters: Instagram let people use filters without being unapologetic.  It comes with a flip-slide but who cares when you’re too busy looking good because of a filter?

A TO ZBLOG CHALLENGE, 2017- I For Instagram
Life and Instagram comes in filters


2. Engage not enrage: While every social media platform comes with its set of controversies, Instagram much to its nature has caught the least fire because pictures may speak but don’t offer an opinion. If you know what I mean 😛


3. Lazy man’s paradise: Social media platforms can be demanding at the very least, constant engagement and responses are the key trails to keep your followers hooked today. But Instagram is good at keeping followers content as long as you post 1 picture a day for starters.


A TO ZBLOG CHALLENGE, 2017- I For Instagram
On that note

4. All that’s fun and games: Unlike other platforms which often become a centre of discussion, Instagram is a platform for all that’s fun and games. Things like food, fashion, pets, baby pictures, memes and so on remain a popular attraction even today which makes it a popular user choice. You’ve sure seen brands leverage the same.


 P.S: In case you’re wondering if Instagram hired a 20 something like me to celebrate its presence, well  I’m not too sure if they’re aware of my existence 😛 On that note, until next time, #StayCurious


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