#- To many it is the symbol for number, to few it is a symbol for a music note to a fewer, it is the good old blank spaces of a Tic-Tac-Toe game, but to most it is the hashtag. The good old hashtag, vital, viral and on a lot of occasions vilified for its overused, forced and overbearing presence.

But hey, that’s not where it ends. The hashtag cluster is much like humans, believing and living by a certain philosophy. Based on how relevant or irrelevant a hashtag’s presence is to a social media platform, I decided to classify and compare them to humans.

Confused? Read on and you’ll know what we’re talking here.


1. Instagram Hashtags: Big Fat Indian Family, which doesn’t seem to end. Too many of them.

Sample this on a food related post: #Food #Foodgasm #FoodPorn #ILiveToEat #Foodie  #Imbored #INeedALife #YouAreBored #Bye

(#TrustMe #Im #Not #Exaggerating. Instagram hashtags are too many to take)


A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017-H for Hashtags



2. Facebook Hashtags: The pile on, that one person whose presence isn’t required but he has to make his presence because that’s what all the cool kids seem to be doing.

Sample this on a quick read post: This post will make the 90s kids nostalgic. #Childhood #Thursday

(Where those hashtags needed? Absolutely no)

A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017-H for Hashtags



3. Twitter: The leader in the room, that one human who in a horde of many stands out just by his sole presence. He/She is goals you know.

Sample this for a campaign:#TweetFromTheSeat

(One hashtag but so much impact!)


A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017-H for Hashtags

The good enough solo


4. Pinterest: The big successful party, because every other hashtag here seems to work, and there seems to be something for every hashtag.

Sample these with endless results: #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow #BossBabe #GrowingUpBlack

(Completely different from each other, yet with endless results)


A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017-H for Hashtags

The big party


5. LinkedIn: The last one to leave the office, that hardest working soul in the office who wouldn’t miss a the slightest chance of hitting the nail.

Sample this for a post related to work-life balance:#work #life #balance

(Chances of Hashtags being  tapped and successful on Linkedin are thinner than other social media platforms, but you never know it seems for this hashtag human on the professional network)

A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017-H for Hashtags

Why Hashtags on Linkedin aren;t the best idea



P.S: This was my version personification of the popular internet child, Hashtag. Hate it or love it, you can’t do without it. Until next time.#StayCurious





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