A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017-G For Gossip


If the print medium and essentially glossy magazines are said to be dying the death of a slow capital punishment, the online medium i.e- The Web has been seeing the light of a summer day.While glossy magazines see a fall in subscriptions, it is, unfortunately, the gossip columns online seeing a Hercules’ rise.


The mediums have shifted; but the appetite for gossip, unwavered.

The numbers of words have minimised, but the size of scandal maximised.


What was a striking headline yesterday is a clickbait deadline today.

What was a scoop yesterday is a routine today.


What was the cover image one day, is a feature image today.

What were Bold headlines yesterday are shouty capitals today.


The local is now the global, the global, now the local.

The outsider’s business is now an insider’s job, an insider’s job is an outsider’s business.


Years go by from monochrome to custom colours, but the voracious appetite for gossip only seems to grow aggressively.


P.S:  This is no poetry nor prose, just a reflection of how gossip never seems to be an overdose.  But there’s hoping to see a better rose in the basket of rotten notes. Until next time, #StayCurious:)




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