A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017- F For Facebook

A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017- F For Facebook

It was first in 2007 that I learnt about a new social media platform by the name Facebook. I remember learning about it over ‘scraps’ on Orkut. A friend of mine said, “It’s a fun new medium, but it’s a bit complicated ya.” Okay let me quote how it was originally written (Back then we were 13-year-old wannabes trying to be our coolest self.) He told me, “i hav made Mah acc on FB, itz fun, bt lil complicated.”

And there I was on this exciting new platform that did not ask for validation through testimonials which were resultant of 673909 years of pestering your friends to write some decent words for you or I did not make me look like a stalker on anyone’s profile because the recent visitors wouldn’t appear on someone’s feed.

Did I mention how intrigued I was with the status feature? You could broadcast how cool really your life is! And the photo albums, like I had one by the name ‘Mah Fav Past Tym’ that included pictures of my own self mostly, made narcissism easier than ever before. Go ahead and judge me all you want because I’m having the last laugh here! Though in my defence, I was young and naive (the latter remains constant) and Facebook seemed to offer a platform to paint my image the way I would like it. Facebook was that hangout junction where all the cool kids seemed to be.

A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017- F For Facebook
The likes bit though

While ‘mah’ spellings  transformed to their normal selves and a hint of maturity hit, Facebook for the longest time remained a platform to catch-up with friends, read some good content, and repeat until I started understanding the dynamics of Facebook business that I learnt how this popular social network was doing more than bringing the world closer.

Yes, the free basics and others add to their share of prejudiced experiences with Facebook, but hey you really can’t help but be amazed at how Facebook groups have been a solution to micro-entrepreneurs when advertising their products towards sales and eventual profits. Groups have been the ultimate networking channels for everyone from  professionals to homemakers finding a suitable maid (I kid you not, about this one.)

A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017- F For Facebook
The feature helping businesses

Content creators like me have found it easier to connect with their readers through this social networking giant and I couldn’t be more elated.

While we could discuss the good and the bad till cows home come, here’s to Facebook for being a pioneer in shaping a social media platform with a realistic business sense.

P.S: Has Facebook in any way made the tiniest difference in your life? Let me know in the comments section below, until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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  1. I was smiling throughout the post. Everybody on FB has a dark past….and that past is orkut (heard it in a standup comedy somewhere). Side effects of FB overpower its benefits. But due credit to it for reconnecting me with long lost friends. And I have always maintained that if it wasnt for my blog and writing, I would have left FB long back.


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