A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017-B For Bloggers

A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017-B For Bloggers

“Oh you’re a blogger? Nice ya. Full timepass,” said a 26-year-old financial analyst to me. If you’re a blogger or someone who has the remotest clue about how this profession works, this statement would have slightly offended you.  But I found myself smirking at the young woman who seemed to be in oblivion despite having worked with a media house indirectly.

You may ask what was so amusing about her oblivion. Well, it’s safe to say that by then I had encountered several statements depicting people’s notion about this creative industry that were beyond reality, surfacing in a parallel universe of extreme assumption. Yes, extreme because a mid-ground of reality i.e opinion is more like an illusion when speaking of notions towards blogging.

A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017-B For Bloggers
Bloggers in a nutshell

So here’s the thing, there are two kinds of extreme assumptions that surround a writer, blogger, YouTuber or an entertainment professional’s job for that matter:


1. People either think you’re making peanuts out of your work and perhaps going to auction your clothes for a living (Okay, the latter may or may not be true :P)



2. People otherwise think you make $5 a word/minute of your job, and are sitting on a goldmine. (How you wish, no?) If you’re an entertainment blogger/ journalist or a part of the industry in any possible way, they assume you’re best friends with Shah Rukh Khan and Leonardo DiCaprio.


If you belong to any of the above categories, it’s okay, not. You should feel guilty about being so naive, my friend, because creative professionals too make money like you do, we don’t oscillate on extreme ends. Yes, our way of making money may not be the same as yours, we don’t have to essentially sit in front of a desk from 9am-5pm or 2pm-10pm because we have to pull all-nighters and work on festivities, our deadlines are shorter than a pixie cut. (I don’t make the best comparisons, but you get the point)

A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017-B For Bloggers
The madness

As writers we work on an assignment basis, quality-deliverable basis but certainly not on a monthly basis, we’re not always certain that the first week of the month will see a rise in our bank account. We’re mostly sure about the dip 😛

Okay, I know I make us writers sound miserable when I speak like that but it is what it is, but don’t pity us already because we at the same time cover an average monthly salary in one assignment (which could be anything from a one day project to a three-month long project)

Now I’m going to narrow it down to my job of being a blogger. People most often assume a blogger’s job starts at posting pictures on social media and ends with strolling around the city for any and every happening. It’s the story in between which needs to be told. We research endlessly before we hit the publish button, people sip coffee and judge us every minute for the content we put out. It takes us blogging day in and out before we really start making money out of blogging.

A TO Z BLOG CHALLENGE, 2017-B For Bloggers
The effort though

And for every picture you see on social media, there goes at least an hour’s effort behind capturing the perfect shot, editing and finally making it reach you.

For every post you read there goes a month’s effort behind an editorial calendar, creating and curating content, editing, fine-tuning, uploading to finally publishing it in this window.

Unlike a news house, we don’t have a team to take care of everything from making our presence count online and offline, in the world wide web, a sole blogger is the team

P.S:  The next time you have your prejudices about this profession, remember that a lot goes into making your 5 minutes on our platform count. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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  1. This one is definitely for all the bloggers across globe who are “Creatively” investing their time in something worthy. I know, there are times when a blogger finds it very difficult to prove others that he/she is worth a lot but people just avoid listening to all the relevant stuff. Well, to hell with such people. 😛
    Love this piece, Seema! 🙂


  2. You make terrific comparisons… deadline shorter than a pixie cut… brilliant!


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