A Millennial’s Guide To Buying Your First Car

A Millennial’s Guide To Buying Your First Car

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Being a 20-something can mean a lot of firsts, your first job, your first relationship, your first home and my personal favourite, your first car. Growing up, we all envision the first drive in our very own car. We imagine the road, the person next to us in the passenger seat, the squad on the back seat and the tonnes of memories the rides will create.

A Millennial’s Guide To Buying Your First Car
What’s your dream car?
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When you’ve hustled and finally find yourself in a place to be able to afford a car, what do you keep in mind before making the big decision? Read on as I share my personal experience to when I bought a Swift DZire. Presenting to you what I fondly call a millennial’s guide to buying your first car…

1. Research Wisely: It may sound like the most obvious thing to do but research often goes wrong because the internet is a platter of places with an information overload. How is one supposed to find a credible source catering to our requirement? I posed this question to myself until a chat with my friend lead to a resourceful solution: Cars.Com

A trusted website featuring all the information, sellers, and details that you would need to help you find the perfect car, at the perfect price (Just like their mission suggests.)

I personally loved the fact that the website offers a selection filter based on the car model, life, budget and location range wherein you would like the dealer to be from, helping one to narrow down their choices and make the best suited decision.  What makes this website an all-questions-answered platform is the fact it also caters to services and repairs allowing you to find service centres around you, buying car parts and so on.

2. Set A Budget: Once you have explored the options available and understood the difference between the endless cars, it’s imperative to set a budget and stick to it. This furthermore helps you chalk your spendings in the upcoming months as well.

3. Prioritise Features: If this is your first car, it’s quite likely that you have a restricted budget too and thus ticking all the features off the list may not be entirely possible. You begin with listing down features of the car in the order of importance and finalise a model that meets your pocket and first 5 most important features.

4. Meet And Drive The Car: Am I personifying a car? Perhaps! Because doesn’t it become an integral part of your life? So you meet the car, get familiar, take a test drive and make your final choice.

P.S: These were my key pointers to share from a millennial’s guide to buying your first car. What are the tips you would add to this? Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

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