When we Mumbaikars and Pune-ites think of a weekend getaway, our first choice is Lonavala, Khandala, or Mahableshwar at max because we love the hilly weather at this time of the year.

But have you ever visited Nasik during winter? The experience is far more enchanting than you would imagine! When you read Nasik, you definitely thought of a vineyard and some wine tasting sessions, but guess what there’s more to Nasik than wines and wineries. 

I recently visited Nasik and experienced its other side in the lap of nature which offers comfort, gorgeous mountain views,  spa therapies, some time in the lake, and even a visit to the most sacred town of India.

Read on to discover a getaway to Nasik beyond wines and wineries…

Grape County Eco Resort 

As the name suggests, Grape County is an eco-friendly resort, nestled amidst nature on the Trimbakeshwar road, the humongous 150-acre resort is full of diverse experiences that are bound to make your heart full of joy. 

The sky rooms here invite a lot of natural light, and have a spacious balcony to listen to the sound of nature (The cooing of birds will be your own personal alarm in the morning.) 

As Grape County is all about co-existing with nature, you will spot many birds and farm animals wandering around a home specially built for them. 

The evenings here are every bit of beautiful and are best enjoyed by the lake. You can choose to watch the sunset unfold or engage in boating, and kayaking at the lake; either way the experience is joyous. 

The bicycle-themed restaurant has a diverse menu and is a treat for everyone’s dietary choice, from a hard-core carnivore to a Jain. The outdoor seating is dreamy throughout the day and more so in the evening as the lights do their magic, giving the experience of dining under the stars. 

Something that personally impressed me was their approach to go vocal for local. They are working with local farmers to market and sell their organic products to people, a non-commercial initiative to support the farmers. The staff across the resort consists of locals who are trained to take over various roles at the property. 

Viveda Wellness Resort 

Have you ever walked into a place and felt instantly at ease? That’s how I felt since the moment I walked into Viveda Wellness Resort. 

A 15-minute drive from Grape County, Viveda Wellness Resort is a treat for your senses. If you’re a city dweller, you can totally expect to bid goodbye to your worries. 

We were welcomed with what I can safely call one of the most soothing glasses of Kadha and escorted to an earthy cottage that was beaming with light, and a backyard that offers an impeccable view of the sunrise. 

The architecture of the entire property has a stone finishing giving it the intended and impactful Earthy vibe meant to rejuvenate your mind. As you stroll, you will be treated to the fragrance of flowers across the property as its full of it! 

There are four meals served here – Breakfast, Lunch, High-Tea, and Dinner. The food here is definitely fascinating because it’s all Satvic yet absolutely lip-smacking. 

My personal favourite were the Ragi Crackers with  Hummus and Whole Wheat Coffee (A first for me, and I was a convert.) The meals are multicuisine and almost tailor-made to suit everyone’s taste buds. 

And guess what? Viveda Wellness is a spa resort that offers umpteen number of therapies to help your nerves and muscles feel relaxed. We all have been overworked mentally and physically this year, and that’s exactly what a spa therapy can fix! 

If you’re also someone who loves Yoga and Meditation, the sessions here at Viveda Wellness got you covered.

P.S: Ditch your usual weekend plans and head over to Grape County and Viveda Wellness to experience Nasik for a getaway beyond wines and wineries. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

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