9th November, 2016: The Day India Was On The Same Page

9th November, 2016: The Day India Was On The Same Page

Last evening I found haven in the comfort of my couch’s backrest. It had only been 2 minutes since I entered home after a long day followed by an intensive workout session. “5 minutes of letting my body repair on this couch and I’ll hop in for a hot shower,” I told myself.

My mom called out for me in the bedroom, “500 and 1000 rupee notes are gonna be demonetised from midnight. Listen up!” (She pointed towards the TV that was playing PM Narendra Modi‘s announcement.)
For an instance, I thought there was a misunderstanding, they’re probably gonna introduce new notes in the coming months and there maybe a regulation in the new financial year, no biggie.

But to my surprise, this was exactly the opposite and now it was my mind that was in for a workout now. The entire nation was set for a shock or surprise depending on how much cash they had on themselves 😛
Alongside they made an announcement regarding the deposit and withrawal policy that cleared the air of doubt. But the nightmare was that ATMS would be shut the next day (9th November, 2016) and even on the 10th November in some regions.

9th November, 2016: The Day India Was On The Same Page
State of mind

If you’re an Indian or someone who remotely understands Indian currency, you would know this comes as a rude shock for the residents because you would barely find wallets not holding notes of denominations of 500 or 1000.

Frenzy broke out as many thought the 500 and 1000 rupee notes would hold the value of scrap (which FYI isn’t true at all under the exchange policy.) Or where genuinely tensed because there really wasn’t an explanation to offer.
Electronic stores, jewellers, home decor showrooms and supermarkets gamed up as people stepped out to do away/ convert their 500-1000 rupee notes or get some change to survive the next day.

While some outlets and restaurants accepted the 500-1000 rupee notes till midnight and some still continue to accept for more 48 hours, how were to people deal with public transport fares or pay for groceries to the local vendors? And God bless those who were to pay salaries to their house help today! How would it ever work out?

The exact Rs.320 in my wallet against 500 and 1000 rupee notes bore the shine of Gold on this day and a 5-year-old with a piggbank full of change was suddenly richer than anyone. For one day, the owner and the janitor of the office seemed to had the same cash spending power. Yes, the former understood and made online transactions often but both suffered the same misery when they wanted to buy that one cigarette box from the nearest stall.

In some parts of the country, porters and rickshaw drivers took it to themselves to carry luggage and drive people to their destinations without charging a penny. Now we know, who is richer 🙂

Oh, and did I mention that Donald Trump has now been elected as the President of America? Check out some of the Indians’ reactions, they’re obviously unanimous.

P.S: There’s little left for me to say as we all still try to sink in for what happened in the last 22 hours, but I sure know that in future when I look back to this day, I’m gonna say, “9th November, 2016: The Day India Was On The Same Page.” Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂

I’ve pledged to blog every day this month and this is my day 9 post for #NaBloPoMo

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