5 Women Of The Web Who Slay Life On Point

5 Women Of The Web Who Slay Life On Point

As webtrotters, we believe that the internet is our destination despite a nomadic life. We take fellow travellers very seriously and decided to tell you about 5 women of the web who slay life on point. Read on…

1. Mallika Dua

Most of us can never get enough of makeup didi’s “Kayut” stints, but you know what makes us fall in love with her more? Her realism! She takes to Instagram stories and Snapchat sharing the crisis of getting back to work after being pampered with home cooked food, speaking of which, her ode to milk biscuits made us say hello to the blast from the past! Obviously, that’s not all that we’re in awe of, this woman of substance projects a comic timing like no other and what’s more intriguing? She never tried to “fit in a category,” she created one for herself, independent of the textbook terms.

2. Mithila Palkar  

She is every 90’s kid’s best friend and proves to be a role model for the contemporary cult for being true to her roots (Watch speak in the state language like a boss) while embracing the ideology of right now (Witness her interviews) Besides, what makes her special is that her happy vibe is contagious merely through the web! And that soulful voice? Brb, we’re playing her cup song and seeking some inspiration from her Ted Talk featuring the beauty of not having a plan!

3. Aranya Johar

This Brown Girl’s Guide To Gender won our hearts with the confidence in her words and beliefs. Little did we know that our sentiments are being echoed by a 19-year-old. That wasn’t the only time, she went on to grab eyeballs and attention with A Brown Girl’s Guide To Beauty not only did she break the internet with her poetry slam, but she also shattered the misconceptions surrounding teenagers, now whoever thought their (teenagers) lives revolved around filters on Snapchat.

4. Scherazade Shroff

A model and most popularly known for being a YouTuber, this happy face can cheer you up with her pleasant conversations with over the internet. Taking people to places with travel inspiration, DIYs and hacks, Sherry Shroff has managed to make the internet a happy place amidst all the chaos the internet can sometimes feature. Breaking conventions with ease, she ruled the wedding tale of a contemporary Indian and owned the sassy short hairdo.

5. Malishka Mendonsa

RJ Malishka is known to give Mumbai the intended “wake-up call.” Her popular rendition of Sonu highlighting the state of the city’s potholes proved that she’s the fearless tigress of resident city. She wears confidence at her sleeve and is often seen voicing her opinion for the right causes.

P.S: These 5 women of the web slay life on point, are you stalking for some inspiration already? Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

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