5 Times Indian Web Series Aced Reality

5 Times Indian Web Series Aced Reality

It’s been a while since you and I have been talking, precisely over a year (TMI has always been a thing I indulge in) that I’ve been expressing my undying love and respect for the web series culture in India. You and I couldn’t be happier about it entering the Indian media gates and Thank God for it!

We all know that the exact time when TV shows saw a drop in audience is when the web culture in India introduced realism to entertainment.

Looking back I recall all instances when Indian web series nailed reality like a boss. So without me blabbering any further, read on my list of 5 times Indian web series aced reality.

1. When Little Things mirrored the reality of contemporary relationships and taught us to embrace the smaller things that actually matter

2. When Humorously Yours dealt with the “serious” issues in a comic’s life

3. When Aam Aadmi Family highlighted the chronicles of a middle class family


When Girl In The City shed light on the reality on the not so the bright side when starting a career 

5. When Chukyagiri showcased the life of an intern IRL


P.S: These 5 work life hacks have been a boon to me on more than one occasion, implement them for 3 weeks and you’ll know the weight they hold (I say this at the expense of sounding like a TVC) Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂


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