5 Things I Learnt As I Turned 22

This is most likely to happen

Today, I celebrate 22 years of my existence; in less dramatic words, I’m gonna say today is my birthday. When September began, my panic attack set in because one regular day would turn me older by a year! Most people would frown upon the melodrama because it’s only 22 and not 30 (Dear 30-year-olds, please don’t hate me for saying this ­čśŤ)

But amidst the usual birthday shenanigans, this birthday has felt different right from the stroke of midnight. Why? Because suddenly from 21 to 22, there seems to be a lot of reality.
Read on my list of 5 things I learnt as I turned 22, let me know if you feel the same way.

1. Life plans are meant to change, all the time

Typical as it sounds, a reflection from my own and number of friends’ professional and personal life has proved that your so called decided plan is meant to take a different turn and it’s actually for the best sometimes.

5 Things I Learnt As I Turned 22
This is most likely to happen

2. Different relationships deserve different treatment

If you’re ranting, “Isn’t that obvious?” Well, it’s not always easily understood and implied. Every relationship you have deserves different treatment. Don’t devote additional attention to someone you’re having a fling with, and vice versa.

5 Things I Learnt As I Turned 22
Relationship advice #101

3. The internet is your stage

Okay, this sounds a little metaphorical, but what I really mean is that there couldn’t be more emphasis on the fact that if you’ve dreamed of making it big, being the ‘known’ one; the internet is your platform. It is the internet that cuts across every section of the society globally, much more than even movies have.

5 Things I Learnt As I Turned 22
What better an example than Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman?

4. Acknowledge yourself, don’t be a narcissist though

Unless you don’t acknowledge yourself for the work you do or the way you are, there’s no way others will. People are only a mirror to how you feel about yourself and how you choose to represent yourself. But obviously, you don’t need┬áto be a self-proclaimed diva either ­čśŤ

5 Things I Learnt As I Turne
You get the point

5. Stay hungry, stay curious

Yeah. I tweaked the popular Steve Jobs quote here, but little self-branding never hurts right? #CheapThrills. On a serious note, staying curious could lead you  discovering things you never planned to, and believe me nothing else could be more awesome!

5 Things I Learnt As I Turned 22
Exactly like this

P.S: It’s the simplest of things that make up for the most room and lessons, if you’re a 20 something like me, do reflect on those lessons ­čÖé

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