5 Songs That Will Instantly Uplift Your Mood

5 Songs That Will Instantly Uplift Your Mood

Weekdays can get tough,almost like that workout session you have after a month;the one that hurts every muscle of your body. Worse even, weekdays can be like that face of a guy forced to shop instead of watching a match.

Okay, I should stop making comparisons. I know you get the point. However, realised how music can instantly uplift your mood on those dull days? I decided to share my list of 5 songs that will instantly uplift your mood. I hope it helps 🙂

1. Nucleya- Take Me There feat. Kavya Trehan

This one is the first single from Raja Baja, the drop is bound to make you move around your desk when you plug into this track. If you’re a Nucleya fan, you know what to expect. If you’re gonna be listening to his music for the first time, even better!
Listen to this track here:

2. Spice Girls – Wannabe

This song is over 20 years old, but gosh the jingle is addictive and how! Gentlemen, if you’re thinking this one is a typical girlish song, maybe it is! But how does it matter? If you plug in your earphones, no one’s gonna know what song you’re listening to 😛

3. OMI – Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)

A contemporary cult, you’ve probably listened to this track on loop in the last year. Yet again, when you’re having a bad play it’s time to listen to it all over again because never has saxophone been better in a song.

4. Village People – YMCA

Speak of the popular saying old is gold and this one stands true. A track from the 1978, you’re bound to be jumpy(yes, jumpy) when you listen to this track, in case you still haven’t. Also disclaimer: The tune is gonna be stuck in your head for the longest time!

5. PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

I’m gonna go into hiding because you’re probably looking for me to hunt me down for putting this track on the list. But you have to admit that it’s one of those, “So bad, that it’s good,” kind of tracks. Besides, a little silliness is helpful on a dull day, no?

P.S: That’s my roundup of 5 songs that will uplift your mood on a bad day. Tell me in the comments section, what’s your list? Until next time, #StayCurious

I’ve pledged to participate in a month long blogging challenge for November and this is my day 2 post for #NaBloPoMo

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