We live in a country that loves Bollywood and sports. When it comes to sports, we not only root for the players, we often etch a piece of our heart to them. We think of these leading sportsmen as members of our own family. So, imagine what happens when the country’s star tennis player gets murdered in broad daylight? It makes you gasp in bewilderment, doesn’t it?

This very emotion and a web of endless questions are explored in The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty?   A ZEE5 original series. I found myself drawn to this intriguing subject and decided to catch an episode during my hourly afternoon break, but I should have known better, I definitely needed more than an hour because The Chargesheet on ZEE5 is a binge-watch worthy series! After the first episode, I couldn’t keep my phone away and continued to watch the show.

After being immersed in the series, I’ve decided to be a good Smartian as always (A little narcissism never hurts), and put together 5 reasons why The Chargesheet on ZEE5 is a must binge-watch series.

  1. Colourful Characters: A good storyline is definitely the backbone of any series, but it’s definitely the well-developed and executed characters that shoulder the responsibility of engaging the audiences. This responsibility doubles up in the case of shows on OTT platforms because not only the attention spans are shorter, the audiences are spoiled with abundant choices.
Pratap Singh played by Arunoday Singh, Source – ZEE5.com an OTT Platform

Some of my personal favourite characters on the show are Ranvir Pratap Singh played by Arunoday Singh, Chitrangadha Singh played by Hrishitaa Bhatt, Gayatri Dixit played by veteran actress Kishori Shahane and Vidhur Mehra played by Sikander Kher. The interesting thing about the characters here is that they are played by actors who have entertained us on the big screen earlier, and have embraced the world of web with equal gusto through their engaging performances on the show. The casting director, Mukesh Chhabra deserves an applause for this!

 2. Razor-Edged Narration: The series follows a non-linear pattern of narration which oscillates swiftly between the past and present, making The Chargesheet an engaging viewing experience while constantly posing the most important question – Innocent or Guilty? The story is narrated through its many turns. The writer, Priyanka Ghatak’s style of screenplay adapts beautifully to the web series. It constantly keeps the audiences hooked while never fully giving away the suspense.

A still from the series, Source – ZEE5.com, an OTT Platform

3. Authentic Portrayal:  The Chargesheet deserves a big thumbs up for its authentic portrayal of not only the characters but even the details. It’s evident that apart from the courtroom scenes, the show is shot outdoor in the locations mentioned such as Lucknow, Madhya Pradesh. This adds to the realism which every storyline demands, and more so in the case of a murder mystery. The scenes in the courtroom do not sugar coat anything but present a seemingly authentic argument which makes you empathise, restless and curious at the same time!   

A scene that depicts the authentic portrayal of settings and characters on the show, Source – ZEE5.com, an OTT Platform

4. Amalgamation Of The Best: The Chargesheet produced by Ashoke Pandit & Roshan Kanal is the amalgamation of the best resources, the result of which reflects beautifully episode by episode. Background music by the celebrated Salim-Suleman adds the perfect tone to the mood of the series, moving the nail-biting viewers closer to the screens when intended. Santosh Thundiyil as the cinematographer uses his craft brilliantly to switch between the past and perfect, and add tension to the screen when needed.

5. Crisp Storyline: The makers have been treading on a thin line since The Chargesheet is a courtroom drama and a murder mystery wrapped in one. While the two themes are extremely intriguing, they need to be handled with care. The crisp storyline of the series does just that! In its limited time, it unravels some brilliant mysteries without overwhelming the audience.

P.S: Among the many other, these are the 5 reasons why The Chargesheet on ZEE5 is a must binge-watch series on ZEE5. Turn to your screen and get hooked to this show full of surprises. Until next time, #StayCurious 😊

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  1. I just binge watched rangbaaz phirse yesterday, the whole season. 😛
    And chargesheet is next and code m too. These types of genres (web series) have take the online viewership with a wave.

  2. My list is increasing day by day. Looks like another great series to watch. Thanks for the review. Looks like a must watch series

  3. I have been looking for a good series to watch as I have holidays… Chargesheet sounds really interesting! I will check it out!

  4. Zee5 has many good shows coming up and Chargesheet surely sounds like a must watch show. Definitely watching this one.

  5. I started it in the evening post Tea. I was so glued that I could not hold it and slept after finishing. Loved it. Would recommend others to watch it

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