5 Reasons To Watch Jodha Akbar On ZEE5

5 Reasons To Watch Jodha Akbar On ZEE5

As Indian television viewers, if you and I were to describe TV shows briefly, the following words would pop right into our heads: Extravagant makeup, thunderous video effects, and kitchen politics. However much to the respite of us viewers, content on television has moved towards a progressive line of thought in the last few years. More importantly, people are now trying to tell notable tales rather than merely wander in circles of the Saas-Bahu stories.

One such show was Jodha Akbar, a historical drama featuring the political wedlock between Jodha, a Rajput princess and Akbar, a Mughal Emperor that changed the fate of India.

5 Reasons To Watch Jodha Akbar On ZEE5
A still from Jodha Akbar

Having premiered on ZEE TV in 2013, the wonderful execution of the show had the viewers hooked to it till the end. In case, you haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet, you can catch it from the very beginning on ZEE5 for free, anytime and anywhere.

What’s in store?

Apart from the fact that this period drama boasts of beautiful, elaborate sets, it’s high on beautiful costumes, well-crafted dialogues, soulful music and most importantly its characters that drive the plot and hold your attention. What’s so special about the characters? That deserves an entire mention of its own, so read on five characters that make Jodha Akbar a great watch.

1. Rajat Tokas as Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar: Indian historical dramas’ blue-eyed boy Rajat Tokas as the male protagonist Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar is bound to win your heart over and again. The chemistry between him and Jodha Bai (Played by Paridhi Sharma.) was just magical. And then, just when you’ve fallen for his romantic side, his character takes you by surprise, and you witness him go into warfare and tackle Mughal politics with an iron fist.

2. Paridhi Sharma as Jodha Bai: While Rajat Tokas impresses us as Akbar, Paridhi Sharma’s portrayal of Jodha is no short of spectacular. You’re bound to be intrigued by the versatility of her character, Jodha; who has been the longest-serving Hindu Mughal Empress. You see the shades of a warrior princess, a loving wife, a caring mother and a dynamic Mughal Empress in her.  

3. Ashwini Kalsekar as Maham Anga: The celebrated veteran actor, Ashwini Kalsekar hits the nail right as Maham Anga, foster mother to Akbar who is known to be a clever woman with an ulterior motive. Her dialogue delivery and adaptation of the character add more colour (Although she’s seen donning White) to the plot which leaves us with a lump in the throat upon her on-screen demise.

5 Reasons To Watch Jodha Akbar On ZEE5
Ashwini Kaleskar as Maham Anga

4. Ravi Bhatia as Salim: Ravi Bhatia aces an integral character on the show, Prince Salim. His boyish yet edgy appearance has your attention hooked. His chemistry with on-screen Anarkali (Played by Heena Parmar) had many of us swear by their timeless love story all over again!

5. Heena Parmar as Anarkali: Helming another central character i.e. Anarkali, Heena Parmar brings back the old-world charm on-screen with her act. Each time she is on-screen, she heightens the viewers’ empathy with her heartfelt expressions.

5 Reasons To Watch Jodha Akbar On ZEE5
Heena Parmar as Anarkali

P.S: according to me these characters were the five biggest reasons to watch Jodha Akbar. Are you watching or re-watching it already now? Until next time, #StayCurious 😊       

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