5 Must-Pack Essentials For Long Bike Rides

5 Must-Pack Essentials For Long Bike Rides

Long bike rides are practically everything the books, and big banner movies are all about! Except instead of being a spectator of the narration, you’re the protagonist in this dreamy tale. There’s every bit of adventure on these twisty turns, stories enroute (thanks to the interesting number of people you’re bound to meet), picturesque views, the signature motorbike “sound” if you’re riding a Royal Enfield Classic Bullet, some classic romance too (subject to your companion on the ride :P), and most importantly a bundle of memories you’re going to cherish.

5 Must-Pack Essentials For Long Bike Rides
Must-haves before you head on that long road trip

I’m no expert here, in fact, I’ve always had the privilege of being a back-seat rider, but at the same time, it has let me be a part of the experience just as entirely. My experiences on the road, and general knack for being a control freak for travel planning led me to prepare a list of 5 must-pack travel essentials for long bike rides. Read on, and if you find it resourceful, don’t forget to share it!

1. For Your Bike’s Health: This one’s fairly simple, first things first, carry your bike’s papers with you. If you own a Royal Enfield under a maintenance period, the papers allow you to visit the brand stores to resolve any hiccup that might arise in case of any unforeseen situation. Apart from this, a tool kit containing cutting pliers, nose pliers, spanners (10-17, 24 & 30), duct tape, scissors, and zip ties is highly recommended.

2. For Your Biker Shenanigans: The charm of riding a bike is doubled if your look complements the beast. A good pick of all-weather easy-dry T-shirts, jackets, gloves, sunglasses (I’m sure you know the list) can really work wonders for your biker personality. If you’re like my biker friends who don’t understand the fuss about spending money on biker fashion, I recommend you shop from Royal Enfield’s under Rs.1500 store!

5 Must-Pack Essentials For Long Bike Rides
Biker fashion for the win

3. For Your Health: If you’re a rider, I’m sure the roads are your familiar territory; however, you never know when it takes a turn of events, or when the sun decides to shine brighter than ever creating an inconvenience to your health. Pack an easy to carry a medical kit with your prescribed medicines, and care essentials like band-aids, antiseptic, cotton etc.

4. For Your Safety: This is an extension to my earlier point, ensuring your safety and well-being at all points is the least you can do for yourself on a long ride. Add a secure headgear, helmet, gloves, boots and so on to your must-pack list of essentials. Much like its bikes, Royal Enfield has been a trustworthy name when it comes to riding gears.

5. For Your Memories:  My list here would be incomplete if I didn’t include video and photo gears like a handy action camera (waterproof recommended), lens extensions (for beautiful pictures at your pitstops), and mount holders.

P.S: This was my list of 5 must-pack essentials for long bike rides. What does your list look like? Let me know in the comments section. Until next time, #StayCurious 😊     

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  1. I am not much of a bike rider but your post has given me an adrenaline rush. I would love to explore the option some time soon 🙂


  2. These are such nice tips for all the bikers. I am planning a small road trip to Goa with my friends. I will surely keep all these points in my mind.


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