5 Indian Web Series You Should Be Watching Right Now

5 Indian Web Series You Should Be Watching Right Now

After the trauma Indian TV has caused us with the endless Saas-Bahu saga shows revolving around kitchen politics running no less than 1000 episodes each, the Indian web seems to be making up for it. In every production house today are murmurs of creating a web series, a concept that is not just accepted but embraced by the young audience.

If you’ve been keeping up with CC, it’s no secret that I’m married to Indian web series with old values of giving it all my time and attention 😛

Since you too seem to love web series, I know you do! I decided why not share a list of 5 Indian web series you should be watching right now!

 1. Little Things

This web series by Dice Media had my attention since the moment its trailer released. Instead of highlighting moments of glory, this slice of life show speaks about everything else, the little things that brighten up our dull days. At the end of each episode, you will find yourself smiling. What better reason to watch this show?

2. The Aam Aadmi Family

Popularised for being India’s first family-based web series, the show by Timeliners garners attention for bringing the good old middle-class sense of humour filled with goof-ups, unwanted awkwardness and everyday anecdotes. Each episode is bound to remind you of a moment if you grew up with middle-class values.


3. Chukyagiri

The dramatic fable of a small town chap into the Mumbai frenzy is for most scenes real and relatable to anyone who’s familiar with the office environment which is more than what meets the eye.  This series by Arré brings cinematic quirks on the digital screen.

4. Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa

A one of its kind series by Y Films, the makers manage to address the elephant in the room ‘sex education’ through humorous metaphors. If you’re a pappu or a papa, you have all the reasons to watch this series.

5. The Big question with SnG

This is not a conventional web series based on fiction, but a weekly podcast by SnG comedy that addresses a question relevant to the Indian audience. The stories stem from first-hand experiences of SnG Comedy members and guests if there are any in a particular episode. If real over reel is your theory, there’s no reason you should miss watching this!


P.S: There a lot more Indian web series that deserve your attention, but I decided to pick these 5 to create a list of mixed bag genres. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

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