5 Detox Diets That Will Not Help You Lose Weight

5 Detox Diets That Will Not Help You Lose Weight

Detox diet, it’s simple in my head: Lucrative way to lose weight and definitely less sweat than a typical #MondayMotivation of sorts workout.  Workout requires serious commitment, waking up early for starters (I know that’s not a compulsion, but it’s something most ‘fitness gurus’ advocate) and then feeling like a sack of potatoes for the rest of the day, extremely difficult to move. (Ironical, isn’t it?)

Tbh, I’ve had my own share of failed detox diet experiences like most of you, except my diet trolls occur every second day. So anyway, cutting the long story short (I have a tendency of talking more than required), I’ve realised that while there are oodles of detox diet plans out there which most of us ‘aspirants’ are aware of, there’s a second category of detox diets which need some serious attention.

And and and, you know what the strange thing is?  They don’t help us lose weight but have an impact otherwise. Confused? Read on the 5 detox diets that will not make you lose weight and you will you will amazed!

1. Social detox:  To begin with, by social I mean the real world and not the virtual world comprising of social media. Just like our food detox, it is sometimes vital that you take a detox from social life. Does that mean you leave everything and start living under a rock? No.

But taking a break from these so called parties and gatherings which are nothing but a brag fest on most occasions can do wonders. On an odd weekend, it is absolutely okay to stay in and read a good book or watch your favourite TV series. As much you don’t realise it, ‘me’ time oh so important to your well being!

Try reading on an odd weekend
Try reading on an odd weekend


2. Mental Detox: This is a vast diet comprising of multiple factors that influence your state of mind. A simple example of implementing this diet would be mentally walk away from things that create chaos in your head. For instance, you’re at work and there’s way too much to handle and there’s little you can do about it, plug in your earphones and listen to the kind of music that will help you delete the chaos files and download peace in your head.

Certainly like a boss
Certainly like a boss

3. Couch/Bed Detox: Here’s the Detox diet I personally try the most. Curling in my couch/bed with a good book or movie is ideal for me but at the end of the day, staying in all day starts showing its side effects by creating a loud drum concert in your head. The best way to break the couch/ bed stay in marathon is to step out, literally. If you’re on your leave or you work from home, it’s essential to spare an hour and take a stroll in open spaces. Believe it or not, natural breeze is irreplaceable.

As difficult it may be, !
As difficult it may be, move!


4.Travel Detox: I’m sure the title already suggests what’s this about, but as they say travel is a therapy and it indeed is. Nothing will open up your mind more than going away from your usual surroundings and staying amidst a destination surrounded by different people, culture and vibes. If you’re thinking this change of wind is possible only on international trips, you’re absolutely mistaken. Thanks to mankind, move just about 100 kms away from your home and you’ll see a difference in culture, vibe and wind!


You need a view like tis
You need a view like this

5.Digital Detox: To get all preachy about taking a break from the digital world could sound absolutely wrong because: a. I’m talking to you on a digital platform. b. That’s all the reasons. But  as preachy as it may sound, digital detox maybe all the break you truly need. Once in a while,

stop swiping right and instead meet someone personally or better even stop using emoticons and use emotions instead!

Try now
Try now


P.S: It’s a wrap for the 5 detox diets that will not make you lose weight, try implementing; if you don’t think it’s working out, you could at least get away from the guilt of not trying.



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