In the pool of Indian web series today, ScoopWhoop’s Baked does enjoy the pioneer status as it happens to be among the first few Indian series to form an alliance with the digital screen and carve a niche for itself.

If I was to look back, Baked does happen to be the first Indian web series to introduce me to the WEBSERA takeover in this country. Naturally, the web series enthusiast in me was ALL the more excited when season 2 was released.

Having followed the release of Baked, season 2, here are the 4 things I believe ScoopWhoop right…

1. Collective episodes release

Weekly and bi-weekly episodes sure help scale up the curiosity factor, but at the same time, people most often lose patience to wait an entire week or two to watch the next episode. Bi-weekly episodes are often criticised for people tend to lose the plot in that span of time! ScoopWhoop earned brownie points by releasing all the episodes of Baked, season 2 collectively.

4 Things ScoopWhoop Did Right With Baked, Season 2

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2. Timing

It is no secret that content on the internet is all about its timing. Not only did ScoopWhoop release all the episodes together for people to binge-watch, they released it on Friday, 8 pm. Say hello to weekend plans, baby!

3. Quick recap of the last season

When I got to watching the first episode of season 2, the first thought that crossed my mind was, “Where did they leave season 1?” Given that season 1 played over a year ago, I was hoping for a recap but in not the conventional way. They seemed to be thinking the same way by giving us a recap of the previous season in Harris’(Pranay Manchanda) opening interview scene.

4 Things ScoopWhoop Did Right With Baked, Season 2

A still from the opening scene

4. Consistency

I’m sure you’ve hopped to a new season of a show to find that the characters have lost their consistency. Except for Friends, I’ve still longed to witness the consistency in the characters of a particular series. Baked season 2 hits the nail by maintaining the lead characters’ demeanour and ideology.

4 Things ScoopWhoop Did Right With Baked, Season 2

A still from the first episode


P.S:  Amidst a fun storyline, and a binge-watch, ScoopWhoop’s Baked, season 2 release has created a cult example for content creators. Until next time, #StayCurious 🙂 

Watch the first episode here

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